Monday, February 28, 2011

Neighbour #3: Denied

It is 6 pm. Home from work and having just eaten, I am napping on my couch, wrapped in an afghan blanket, with the iconic local news show, Compass, on TV. This is a ritual.

There is a faint knock at the door. Guess who.

Of course, it is my neighbour. First thing he says is, "hey buddy, I know I owe you $10". Then he launches into a request to use my computer to download an MP3 off his iPod.

Bad move. First, it is generally unwise to disturb Nap Time, especially with something overt like knocking on the door. Second, now you want to escalate this budding friendship by entering my space and using my computer.

Negative. Thankfully, I was sufficiently irked that I didn't give in to country, folksy civility. Screw you, buddy. You aren't getting in my apartment and you aren't using my computer. I told him something about being concerned about viruses (not exactly plausible) and held my ground.

To his credit, my neighbour, a lumbering giant of a man, is kind-hearted. He backed off immediately and disappeared down the hall.

As I returned to my couch, I thought I heard him talking to someone else (did he knock on another door?). Heaven help us.



Vic said...

You will soon be off to Yemen.

CaptainCanuck said...

Not sure I understand that one...