Saturday, February 26, 2011

Missed Opportunities

This is mostly a self-directed vent.

For a venture that remains shrouded in secrecy, I had a personal goal of being recognized by a local radio/TV station within 6 months.

This past week, at the 3 month mark, I scored an interview. I still can't believe it. It is really great news.

It has not aired yet but, alas, I didn't nail it. My voice will be ok, and I didn't say anything too crazy, but I missed a huge opportunity.

I wasn't funny or colourful in any way. I just answered questions earnestly, as though I was 8 years old. I didn't give myself the liberty to (a) take a chance and go "out there" or (b) ask permission beforehand if I could ham it up. Given the subject matter, the interviewer was probably mystified, since the topic involves humour. What's worse, is that I didn't give credit to some key happenings involving social media.

I was a smiling zombie.

As is well-documented on here, when I don't do well in public speaking, I brood for a very long time (months, years). It is vaguely similar to suffering a defeat by the nefarious Jim G.

In my defense, I have a lot going on. I am trying to finish a tech article, and on that day, I was supposed to be interviewed by a local magazine for some tech stuff. That interview evaporated but on that day it seems like I had to be in 4 places at once.

Small consolation, now. The interviewer even said (beforehand) that we could do multiple takes! I guess I clammed up when the microphone was on: 'tis a pity because that's when it counts.

Oh well. We'll see what happens.


ps. More to come after the news comes out...


Vic said...

I thought it was Great, you where will spoken and Not Crazy

CaptainCanuck said...

thanks, Vic... I decided not to listen to the interview, but feedback has been mostly positive.