Sunday, February 20, 2011

Neighbour Redux

My neighbour dropped by today, interrupting my train of thought while sequestered, writing an article.

The good news:
  • He mentioned the $10 he owes me, even though said he would have it tomorrow. This shows a cognitive cohesion that spans conversations. I am impressed.
The bad news:
  • He asked for a lift downtown. He was very friendly and polite, but essentially was asking "can you drop everything and give me a lift?". For some incredible reason, I complied.
The weird news:
  • This guy claims to be a major Nascar fan, and has been down to a race in the USA (with his mother). However, he didn't seem to realize that he was visiting while the Daytona 500 was on TV. (It is the start of the season, and a big deal for fans.) I even asked him about it. His answer made no sense.
  • In his defence, Nascar races last 4 hours. I've heard jokes that even rabid fans can go out and do errands/chores and come back for the ending. (Contrast this with F1's efficient 90 minute races)
I do not want this to be my latest Apartment Saga. I don't want a new friend, or at least not this guy. No more taxi rides. Just keep the $10.


Jennifer said...

Ah, neighbors...

I'll trade you your nutjob for the squalling toddler I have next door to me!

K. said...

Think of your adoring fans, though. A nutjob neighbor would provide us with countless hours of wonderful reading. :)

I do hope he's not too bad. Good luck!

CaptainCanuck said...

Thanks for the notes, J and K!

Still no sign of the $10, though also no more requests for rides ;-)