Friday, March 04, 2011

And now we wait

I have been wrapped up in a writing assignment for about a month. I've been pretty anti-social, with exceptions for the Scotties (curling) and church. I've lived and breathed this article for several weekends in a row... the gym and the piano are vague memories.

This has been nerve-wracking because it is my first time writing for this outfit (it is the same as the Java conference series that I've mentioned in the past), and the peer pressure is high. The other authors are brilliant and monstrously prolific.

The good news: draft #1 has been submitted! Though I am not done, I can enjoy this weekend. At some point next week, I will receive the dreaded Editor's Feedback, which will be a renewed call to action.

Tonight, I celebrate by attacking a major pile of laundry with the resources only a Friday night can guarantee.



KymberlieBlu said...

congrats, captain, you have now experienced birth. :)

CaptainCanuck said...

@KymBlu ha ha!

The good news is that initial feedback has been really positive. I have not reviewed the complete "edit feedback" but it seems that, on the whole, the article hit the mark. woot!