Wednesday, September 01, 2010

a link through history

Two unique articles came across the transom in the last few days. I thought there was an interesting "link" between them.

Quote 1

This little town (Charlottetown) is cut off from the world in an aggravating way.

The coast of Nova Scotia is in plain view along most of the southern coast of Prince Edward Island, but the transfer by boat from Pictou takes three hours...

from this article, in 1896

Quote 2

During MacLachlin's decade as CEO [sic], UPEI has also seen its international enrolment quadruple to 500 students, about 12 per cent of its registration.

Would those world-class researchers, and all those foreign students, be on the island without the Confederation Bridge? These are not people who wait for the ferry.

from this article in the Montreal Gazette

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