Saturday, September 11, 2010

Billy Bishop

Late yesterday afternoon, Vic and Colleen invited me along to see a one-man play, Billy Bishop Goes To War, up in North Rustico at the Montgomery Theatre. They were surprised at my ready acceptance (I have to be in a rare frame of mind to do things at the last minute, in part due to the burden of being an aspiring athlete and musician).

When we showed up at the place, things looked bleak. The theater is a renovated barn, and no one was there but us and 5 crew members. Yikes.

However, the place filled up over time and it was a delightful evening.

As background, note that Billy Bishop was the leading ace of World War I for Canada, and arguably for the British empire.

The play is his reminiscences from a retirement home in Florida in the 1950s. It was great! The show was a contrast: the stage had little more than a chair, relying on the actor to create a world in our imaginations; yet, on the backing wall, various film footage was occasionally shown.

Despite our shaky start, it was a terrific outing.... A big thumbs-up.

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