Sunday, September 05, 2010


It seems that September has always been my new year. As I've probably blogged before, I remember the nervous excitement of the first day of school, replete with new sneakers, clothes, and supplies.

I even like the word: September. It is 2nd only to my birth month as an aesthetically pleasing collection of letters and sounds.

So, it is fitting that September is the first month where I'm really 'at home' here on PEI. I'm in my own place and not surrounded by boxes. I'm starting to find my rhythm again. e.g. I ran 10 km on Saturday and then went to a 5 km event this morning.

Even more interesting is that if I were still in Saint Louis, I would be making a trip to Detroit this week, for visa reasons. So long, Detroit! I'm grateful for the chance to work in the USA, but I won't miss that stress and hassle.

Happy New Year, everyone.....

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KymberlieBlu said...

september is only rivaled by october in my book. i always become giddy with the new school year-excitement and expectation. i will never grow out of that. so, happy new year back at you!