Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is a late wrap-up for a weekend, but here goes:


My cousin R and I drove to Halifax, to see R's brother K. K has a wife and baby daughter (who I hadn't met).

With a quick equipment pick-up from Binky (which was a fun mini-visit), we were a cargo-carrying convoy to NS. Just a day trip but well worth it. I had burned some "Onion radio" snippets for the ride, which R found to be absurd and humorous. (In another post, I might test the waters with an idea that merges satire and PEI.)

Lots of thoughts on the day... K is the youngest of our generation, so it is pretty neat to see K as a father. They have a lovely spot and cooked mussels and burgers for lunch. Since R and I are both feral dogs, we were grateful.

I was blown away by how much water there is in the Halifax area. Not just the big harbour but all the inlets, channels, and lakes. I later read on Wikipedia that the coast is very jagged. Neat stuff.

The infant is a cutie. A happy baby, she hardly made a fuss and just watched us. A fun game was slapping a hand on the coffee table, always near by as we are still getting our sea legs. Really great trip.

York Point

On Sunday, I caught up with two old friends. P, K, and I go way back to the playpen. I often mention that I was MC at P and T's wedding in 2001. (He and K are cousins, and K's house is next-door to ours, though about 3/4 mile of fields in between).

I don't remember the last time we were all together. I've seen P often, but I think it was at Christmas near 2002 or 2003 for three of us. Anyway, plenty of catching up...

P has two girls now (adorable in their own right). I haven't met K's daughter yet but thanks to Facebook, I can see the family pics.


As mentioned, I later used to Skype to video-chat with Miss G in Boston and Vic here on PEI. Video-chat is simply astonishing, though as Vic points out, I waited until I was just 25 miles away from him before I got on the bandwagon, missing out on 10+ years in Saint Louis.

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