Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Window

Tomorrow is the last day of the "delivery window" for my stuff. No word yet. Vic reminded me that there must be a tracking number, and sure enough there is one. Alas, the online news is rather ominous. We'll see what the St Louis agent has to say tomorrow. I won't go into "Hulk Smash" mode until then, but it won't be far off.

In happier news, I've selected an abode! It is near Ken's Corner (approx. Euston and Weymouth) in Charlottetown. The name apparently has stuck, even though Ken's is long gone. It is a 1-bedroom with a parking spot, and within walking distance of "the action", whatever that may entail. I'm enthusiastic about it being very close to the Confederation trail (St Louisans, that is our Katy trail).

Finally, my sincere apologies to Island readers with whom I have not yet visited. Sadly, this group is virtually all Island readers. I've been exhausted from the stress of the move and a new employer. All I do is sleep, it seems. On the weekends, all I do is run (as exercise) or run errands (for the move). I hope to see everyone soon!


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