Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Pint is Popular in Poplar Point

"Save Bear! Save Bear!", the children yell from inside the cottage. Quick to act, our hero sprints toward a black dog laying on the grass. A rare funnel cloud of mosquitoes swarm down on her. She whines softly, only able to raise her head as the mini vampires feed.

"Gnaaaaaah," our hero grunts, as he lifts the weakened dog into his arms. Ignoring the probing bites of the insects, he shuffles towards the safety of the screen door, bursting into the cottage to the cheers of his happy hosts... The evening is saved! They can return to the quiet beauty of a serene sunset.

I recently spent an evening with V and C, at their cottage at Poplar Point. What a beautiful setting! Though I joked about donating a pint of blood (see title) to the local insect population, the bugs weren't too bad. Certainly worth the spectacular view of watching the sunset, with the shadows looming across the hay bales on the rolling hills, and the lapping water at the wharf. The jagged coastline of The Island has many 'points'. Poplar Point juts into a large inlet from the Northumberland Strait: the Boughton River. The local wharf is on this water. Oyster and mussel fishermen quietly ply their trade a few hundred metres out.

V and C had already eaten, but having arrived from work, I dined on a salad made from homegrown vegetables. Outstanding stuff. I was reminded that lettuce actually has flavour.

We hung out and told stories as the light faded into night. It was just another summer evening on The Island. That is to say: perfect.

By the way, the cottage is for available for rent: check out the website here.



Vic said...

Thanks your endorsement was as good as Regis and Kelly.
V and C

KymberlieBlu said...

*sigh* sounds simply delightful...

K. said...

Sigh. It sounds wonderful. The whole idea of relaxing is a foreign concept around here right now. :)