Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Month

Today marks one month since the return to the Island. It is interesting that it was on the 18th, as that is a popular birthday digit in our family. It also means that I reached PEI exactly 8 months after turning 40. That is cause-and-effect, right there.

Things are generally going well. I'm sure that I have mentioned that moving back in the summer was a masterstroke. Aside from dinners, I've been out to a few cultural events: e.g. an international film festival and some local comics. I haven't visited everyone yet in terms of family and friends, but I'm past the complete exhaustion that followed the drive, and starting to get out.

I'm sure most know that Regis and Kelly were on PEI. It was pretty cool stuff, and I'm glad I wasn't watching it from Saint Louis. That would have been difficult. Especially because (a) most of it was accurate and gorgeous (b) some of it was airbrushed. I think the mix would have been painful to see from away. But, never mind that, as those days are over.

Fitness is going ok. I'm running, and though not 'fit', the trend is in the right direction. Same is true with my modest musical aspirations.

There have been some unexpected challenges. One is the movers. My stuff should arrive near July 26th. There are others as well but we'll see how they work out. My main goal is to strive towards my sense of routine, get settled in, and enjoy the rest of the summer.


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