Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hulk Smash!

My stuff has not yet left St Louis. It is July 8. They picked it up on June 15.

The local agent in St Louis explained the dispatcher hasn't found a truck yet. Mercifully for him, he was suitably apologetic.

So now the interesting thing is that if I ask them to wait for a couple of weeks, I will have my apartment. I was assuming that they would bring my stuff to my family's house, but more delay could bypass the intermediary move, which will be yet more expense and generally unpleasant.

I haven't asked them to wait yet, and am not sure if I can do that. We'll see.

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JAK said...

I had them hold my stuff (but in my destination city, NOT St. Louis) until I found and had keys to an apartment (I think I had a gap of 10 days to 2 weeks). Then they just dropped off the container outside the apartment building. This was awesome, because I didn't have to load and unpack twice, Plus I didn't have to rent a truck or ask my relatives for help twice.

But luckily I KNEW in advance I was doing this, and could therefore bring anything I knew would need in the interim with me in my car. It kinda sucks if you aren't planning for it.

I hope it all works out for you. Good luck!