Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Inertia of Bleak Desolation

It is another Saturday night, alone, facing some serious decisions and work deadlines.

And so, dear reader, I'm sure you are thinking that here comes another post, full of despair, bemoaning the fate of someone who must suffer the slings and arrows of having a successful career and great friends/family in 2 different locations. The misery is palpable.

Not tonight, friends: it is 75 F as I write this at 6:30 pm. The sun is about an hour before sunset, and I have the screen door open in the apartment. The weather has been spectacular over the last couple of weeks; tonight it is perfect.

I've caught up with some of my favourite people over the last week or so. Work is going well. I'm healthy, if not especially fit. I've started playing the piano again, being very careful to not injure my wrists by coming back too soon (I'm almost out of that phase, in fact).

Life is good here, and I sincerely hope it is with you as well.

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