Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flex the Golden Pipes

Tonight, PBS is featuring a concert by Michael Bublé at Madison Square Garden. This is big treat for me: I've heard of him, but am not really familiar.

He's an international star, and a legend in Canada. Several friends and family have trekked to Halifax to see him, and I can see why.

This guy knows how to flex the golden pipes (see below for reference). The backup band and overall vibe is just fantastic.


Vic said...

Yes, Micheal is good. It's a same when that he so over shadows fellow Canadian Matt Dusk who is soon much better.

Ali said...

I love Michael Buble. I love his music, and I greatly enjoy watching him in interviews. The theatre across the hall from my office did a Frank Sinatra themed show called "Come Fly With Me", which Buble has done a cover of. I enjoyed hearing two young patrons walk away saying "I don't get it... Michael Buble wasn't even in the show?"

Anonymous said...

Vic, Vic, Vic.... Oh to be so sad that you think Matt Dusk is better. Buble (who I've been fighting with since his new Canadian tour thinks the country ends in Montreal) really does have golden pipes - Dusk more of a tin can. There is no comparison! Colleen