Saturday, July 18, 2009

The New CC Headquarters

I was taking some photos for Craiglist and thought I would share some of the new place. Nothing on the walls yet, and my decor is quite utilitarian... I'm a philosopher, not an interior designer!

Here is HQ. The big news here is using the swivel chair to conserve space for the computer/keyboard arrangement. Alas the guitar/amp rig is not yet set up (forgive me, Dave).

This is the view from the computer. An open space into the kitchen. Most of the stuff on the fridge is pictures of family, and magnets from various trips.

This is the entertainment stand in the living room (which was to my back for the first pic). I now have four (4) remotes. Photos of family on the stand (I don't know why I am stressing this). Notice the little guy perched precariously at top right. More on this later.


CaptainCanuck said...

ps. Yes I realize that in the kitchen pic, there is a toothbrush, a bottle of champagne, a bathing suit, and some plastic-wrapped pot/pan stuff. But it is all clean!

Vic said...

Of course it's clean you just moved in.

JLC said...

is it just me or does this look remarkably like your old apt??? i swear that tv shot is the old place.

CaptainCanuck said...

@JLC Ha ha! that's very true... it's in the same corner and the same kind of blinds. Just another beige apartment in the bleak, desolate landscape of suburbia