Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heinz 57

This is a mix of neat stuff for which I don't have time to mention in a full post. The title comes from an old marketing campaign by Heinz. I once worked at a hardware store with a guy that said it all the time (usually derisively towards an unnecessary mess).
  • Did you know: The term kerosene may have been coined in Charlottetown, PEI?
  • I'm enjoying CBC's Quirks and Quarks. I haven't heard host Bob Macdonald in a long time.
  • Tidbit from Quirks: Komodo dragons do not have nasty, symbiotic bacteria in their mouths. 'Tis a myth. As it turns out, they have a venom which has anti-clot properties and is a potent 2-punch to their horrific bite.
  • Most people know that Tom Watson cracked at the British Open. However, the commentator on ABC (a friend of TW) jinxed him by predicting a successful putt and victory. To me, golf is like baseball: you don't talk about a no-hitter.
  • The Cardinals have finally made some trades! So far, so good. Even though we have been pummeled by the Phillies, we are hitting. The new guys are producing and it has taken the pressure off of some of the other guys. I'm optimistic for the NL Central division title.
  • The new apartment is working out fairly well. I've setup the guitar in such a way that I suspect I'll play more, as it is more accessible.

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Jennifer said...

Keep up with the know women love guys who play guitar! :O)

I'm going through a Def Leppard kick right now. Heard they were in STL last week. Did you go?