Monday, July 27, 2009

Lack of Comments

I had thought of this before, but I just consciously realized why it is hard for me to leave comments on blogs.

I have Google Reader setup under my tech persona. So when I read blogs, I have to switch Google accounts to morph into CC. This is not difficult, but enough of a deterrent that I don't leave comments.

The solution of course, is to move stuff over to the other Google Reader account. Bah.... no time for that.

Until then, my apologies....


K. said...

Hrmph. Well, since you are a man of mystery, and the persona must be maintained (and I like you) I suppose I shall content myself with your occasional droppings of verbosity.

Binky said...

Dude, I am totally in the same boat. I read most of my blog stuff in bloglines (esp. at work) and would have to open another browser to log in and comment.

We're all fairly conscious of what we read at work now (since they banned "social networking" Facebook/Youtube/Flickr) and somehow Bloglines seems far less objectionable as I follow stuff for work as well (and did an in-service on it and RSS feeds). So, back to you - know that I would comment more if I wasn't at work.

Keep up one of the best Blogs I read!


Ali said...

But of course... as international superhero, you must have a secret identity. It makes sense.