Thursday, July 16, 2009

As It Happens

I just told some friends tonight about my cousin being pregnant, and a law on PEI that the doctors cannot disclose the gender of a child during pregnancy. (One of the friends, Stef, is expecting in 3 weeks.)

Then I came home to read an email that my cousin had a girl! What a hoot!

Congrats to Teena and Andy! Fantastic news....



Bratty Duke said...

So why can't doctors disclose?

K. said...

Congrats to your cousins! Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery for mom, and a baby who quickly sleeps through the night.

CaptainCanuck said...

hi gang,

re: why? Good question... I've been told that it is fear of litigation, which is ironic (ahem, ahem) since we would point to Uncle Sam for such an issue. Maybe we can't trust our ultrasound equipment on The Island? I don't really know.

re: sleeps. That's what I say as well! Though I have no idea, I suspect that is the single biggest issue for new parents.


CaptainCanuck said...

Btw, the policy may be a hospital policy instead of a law. We're not sure.

There are several hospitals on The Island but most of my family would go to the big one near the capital city, Charlottetown.