Saturday, February 07, 2009


I am doing 3 mini triathlons in 8 days. Despite the glimmering patina of 'triathlon', these are short events. Yes, one has to be fit; but as an example this morning's gig was 48 minutes.

Doing this, and watching people's reactions with a certain bemusement, is from my father's influence.

Sending hand-written thank-you notes to the event co-ordinator and volunteers is from my mother's influence.

This post occurred to me during the bike leg this morning. I don't know why.


Vic said...

I am very happy with the updates so far for 2009, it is what one expected of CC.
Nice to see we have made the big time.

CaptainCanuck said...

re: big time. Readers, see the new entry under "Best of the Rest".

Or click here

James W said...

Hey Michael! James Williams here. It's good to see you did the JCC triathlon again. We moved to OH, and I thought about traveling back specifically for the event, but eventually decided against it.

I checked the results. It looks like you slowed a little this year. Keep up the good work!

I'm definitely coming back for the St. Peters Rec Plex Triathlon on Father's Day. Maybe I'll see you there.

James W said...
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CaptainCanuck said...

hi James! I was looking for you! Thanks for writing... I hope all is well in Ohio.

re: slow. I know! I was 15 minutes slower in the long from last year; yet only 4 minutes slower in the sprint. I wonder if the event distance changed? Or perhaps I'm just flabtastic ;-)

take care James