Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Number 1 with a Bullet

Here is a time-sensitive link: it is the standings in the tri league. It is somewhat disingenuous as the #2 guy has one less race than I do, and is still on my heels. However, fraud has never stopped me from posting before.

I met the #2 guy last weekend at Wildwood, and I think I spoke to him at the West County Y as well. A cool guy and quite fast... He spins the bike like a hamster on cocaine.

An interesting factoid: at Wildwood in 2008, I did the event in about 57:20. This year, I was within 15 seconds of the same time. That may sound like amazing consistency but this year my bike time was 5 minutes faster and my lazy-ass run was 5 minutes slower. *shrug* Weird.



Vic said...

Glad to see giving up the bike is working out for .....lol

CaptainCanuck said...

True, it is sorta weird. But indoor tri's are a different beast from outdoor ones. They really are separate things entirely, with indoor being pretty weak.

Having a real bike is much harder both in terms of the event but also just life: the upkeep, transportation etc.

I think bicycling is admirable, esp. in urban areas as a commute but as a sport it is too much for me!