Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pedaling PEI revisited

The photos on Pedaling PEI are taken near my old turf.

I don't know why, but seeing these photos posted on a blog, in a decent size, is truly moving. Some may seem like random snow-covered fields but they are usually on neighbouring farms. Often, these fields had names (e.g. The Rabbit Patch) and were our playground for bicycles, motorbikes, and especially snowmobiles.

I'm pretty sure I know exactly where this one and this one was taken. This one is a no-brainer. It is like seeing family, in a way. Very weird and wonderful. Especially to think that, as a teenager in times of strife, I would look out across the snow, and wonder where I would be someday. I certainly never thought I would be in a good career in the midwest USA, with easy access to photos of PEI.

The thing is: the scene portrayed aren't really much different than when I was a teenager. I can tell that the trees have grown, but the vegetation and the drifting of the snow is exactly the same. They are time capsules.


Vic said...

I agree American pavement is much nicer to look at.

Anonymous said...

All this snow and hardly a snowmobile around, makes me itch for a new Polaris sled to hit all this powder with. Aaahhhh memories!


CaptainCanuck said...

re: Vic. Readers, recall that Vic loved floating here in StL, and Forest Park.

re: Phil. Ha ha! Readers, here is an example of Phil's ride, once upon a time. He was in a Polaris family. We were Moto-ski/Bombardier (as shown here).

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh too hard...we only got rid of the 72 polaris last year to a good home that still are using it all this winter!


CaptainCanuck said...

Oh, I wasn't mocking. Just laughing and the fond memories.

Man, those machines were built to last if one didn't abuse them. I was always shearing bolts in the track though ;-)