Sunday, August 03, 2008

A New Foreign Correspondent

The handy right margin now features a new blogger! Our anonymous man in the field is a legal eagle who has transferred from Chicago to Paris for a stint.

As shown by the iconic North of Nain, the idea of "life in a foreign land" makes for great blog fodder (blodder?), esp. with the writing chops of this chap (who also invented helium during a vacation in Las Vegas, as I recall).

Join me in looking forward to dispatches from Paris!

1 comment:

PBS said...

Thanks for linking me (and with the resulting spike in traffic, you may soon be my #1 referrer, passing the e-mail I sent my mother)!

To be fair, my invention of helium is disputed on Wikipedia, but I recall from the same trip that you performed several more impressive feats, including saving kids from a burning orphanage (or maybe I made that up).