Monday, August 04, 2008

Hot Enough For Ya?

As I walked out of the gym, the heat was like a wall. It is brutal.

On the ride home, a bank sign flashed 89 F (or 31 C).

Warm indeed, but one might argue (a) those signs aren't accurate and (b) it was probably directly in the sun.

I don't know about (a) but (b) is a non-starter: it was 9:30 pm.

Yikes. That's crazy. I have been here a long time but have never come to grips that July and August have oppressive heat where no one really wants to be outside. May and September rule down here, with occasional gorgeous days throughout the spring and autumn.


K. said... I guess the fact that until this week it hasn't been higher than mid-60s here isn't what you want to know? I was still wearing jeans and long sleeves last week!

I miss you and all the folks back home, but I sure don't miss the weather!

Jennifer said...

It been hottish here (Minnesota)-- mid-eighties to ninety F, but thankfully always cools down nicely at night.

I will be thinking fondly of St. Louis weather October-May though!