Friday, August 08, 2008

Graph Jam Redux

I submitted an idea to Graph Jam on a lark, and it was submitted! Click here for details.

The basic idea was to play off of different kinds of jam.


ps. Turning to sports, I'm going to not-so-lovely Wood River IL tomorrow. A very short triathlon and possibly the most family friendly (aside from waking at 5 am). My time in 2006 was 1 h 20 min. We'll see how it goes; I was more fit back then. No Jim G.


Christina said...

It's nice to see you're leaving your mark on the world.

Jennifer said...

Wood River may not look like much, but has a great history.

Good luck on the run!

Anonymous said...

love the graph, and the Pearl Jam video.. brings back memories. Also very impressive that the drummer can smoke a cigarette with no hands. pretty awesome.