Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stress and Personality

A cousin of mine recently went on an eloquent soliloquy about life. He said that he may not have "aimed high" but that he appreciates what he has, including a job with zero stress.

I wonder if it is the job, or if it is him. He is an unflappable kind of guy.

I had hoped to find a low-stress gig that was limited to the usual 9-to-5. It hasn't worked out that way, to say the least. Drama, pressure, and I am up at 6 am for a conference call. I don't want to admit when I came home last night.

Is it the gig, though? Or is it me? I'm not exactly unflappable. One mentor told me, "you are high-maintenance, but worth it". That was 11 years ago, I wonder if it has changed.


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Binky said...

Well, thank goodness the "worth it" part was added! Makes it a whole different kind of statement!