Saturday, August 27, 2011

Air Show

Summerside, PEI, is host to the Atlantic Canada International Air Show this weekend. My sister, father, and I went to it today.

The image below captures it perfectly: the kid in each of us wants nothing more than to see a plane do a stunt.

The biggest news is that there was no hint of rain (a common problem this summer and an inevitability from Irene, but not yet), although there was a major fire at a dairy warehouse on the west part of the Island.

The show was terrific. There were many stunt planes with crazy acrobatics. There were also sky-divers, a tank, a jet-powered truck, a wing-walking woman (is this 1920?), and the Snowbirds.

Too many highlights to list here, but in addition to just being home for such an event, I think I saw a T6 Texan do some stunts. I went up in such a plane, circa 2003 in Illinois. (You pay the company to go up with a real pilot.) There is a VCR tape of my exploits. I'll have to dig it out and fervently hope that it survived the move and heat of last summer.



Binky said...

It was a pretty fun time! Sorry we didn't bump into you...

KymberlieBlu said...

hehe, the way you wrote this... i can see this brought the kid out in you. excellent! glad you had fun!!!