Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here are some events since I've returned:

My farewell post on the tech blog quoted Frank Ledwell. My farewell post on this blog quoted Sarah MacLaughlin. On PEI, I went to a storytelling night in honour of Frank. His grand-nephew read from the same book I quoted, and on the drive the Sarah M song came on the radio.

Before leaving, I purchased a tech book in Saint Louis. It had a bird on the cover. On PEI, I discovered that cormorants had taken over an abandoned bridge. I then checked my book: the bird was a cormorant.

I had an appointment with the cable guy the other day. As it turned out, he was in French Immersion with me from grades 1 through 6. This is not a typical schoolmate run-in: we were all in the same classroom for years.

I went to an acoustic music festival in Kansas, in 2003. I have a t-shirt from the weekend. Last night, I went to see Don Ross, a Canadian guitarist. Upon checking out his Wikipedia article beforehand, I discovered that he is the only person to have won top prize twice (in 1988 and 1996) at the same festival. I wore the shirt to the show, though it was impossibly wrinkled from being in a box for 7 weeks.

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