Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Day

Today is not only my father's birthday but also his last day at work; he is retiring, after 25+ years of dealing with vehicle regulations and registrations.

In 1980, he shifted from one career into another. Given retirement packages for gov't employees, this was probably a good move compared to alternatives. I was young back then, but I realize now what it must have been like to make a big shift.

Congrats, Dad! Sleep in as late as you want tomorrow (which for Dad will be 6:30 am).


K. said...

Congrats to your dad! What's he got planned for retirement? My dad ended up bored and working at Target just to pass the time. :)

Just me said...

Tell you Dad congrat's from me. And to think of all the biking he can do this year without having work to spoil those nice sunny spring/summer days.

I'm sure he will be missed...the knowledge that retiring employees take with them is hard to replace.