Monday, April 28, 2008

Passport Renewal?

Does anyone have any anecdotes about how long it takes to get a Canadian passport renewed these days?

Mine expires in Dec 08 and I need to plan around some stuff.

Merci bien!


Ali said...

Wish my experience was more typical but I walked into the passport office in Calgary, dropped off my stuff after a fairly lengthy line wait and had my passport within a week. My roomie Stef went the traditional route and had hers within the month though. Again, don't know if that is usual.

North of Nain said...

As one who gets passports for people for a advice. Go in person. I know it is harder for you living in the US, it will mean a visit to Canada (but that isn't so bad, eh?). We mail them from the North all the time and even with our Northern mail bag delay the process can still take MONTHS...even for a renewal. If you are there in person you can always pay more and get the emergency only takes 3 days. Good luck. Mine is due within twelve months as well and like you I'm already starting to wonder how to time trips around that.