Monday, April 14, 2008


To recap, my upstairs neighbour is a night-owl with a pitbull and a tumultuous lovelife.

Also, his deck is my roof.

We have had several run-ins and things threaten to get ugly, especially with the warmer weather coming. The most recent was 4 weeks ago where he, his girlfriend, and his dog had a heart-to-heart on the deck at 5:30 am. I had to go out on the deck and tell them to put the dog inside.

e.g. Last night he and his girlfriend are on the deck (circa midnight) in a profanity-laced shouting match. To his credit, for once, the damn dog wasn't out on the deck. However, I nearly got involved, in part because I need sleep and in part because it was pretty intense and I was getting worried about violence.

So I'm sitting up in bed for 10 minutes with the lights on, debating if I should throw on my clothes and go out on my deck. Or to call the cops.

Ultimately, I did not, and things settled down.

Stay tuned.


Binky said...

Dude, you should call the cops!
Lesser people would have already.

Also, until line #5, I wasn't sure you weren't writing about the furry varmints you wrote about before...

I knew if they were the issue, you'd be witty in your description,


Vic said...

Yet another reason to grow up and move home.

K. said...

Hmmm....might I recommend some good earplugs? Or perhaps a white noise machine? Even a fan running helps drown out quite a bit of ambient noise.

Or you could hire a hit man.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. My upstairs neighbors woke me up around 3am last night after I'd gone to sleep around midnight and needed to get up at 5:30. Thank Allah for coffee, but I might have to hurt someone if it happens again.. or maybe you could use your superpowers and do it for me?

FNA (Amie)

Hegemom said...

Call the cops. You've done your level best to persuade them to be responsible neighbors, now let the cops do what they do.

Neighbors' rights end at your door.

Stacey, the vengeful

Colleen said...

I have felt your stress. You know on tv cop shows they always have a witness who says the screaming was so loud I thought they were going to kill each other? And then the lawyer pressures them and they admit they didn't even call the cops? So obviously they didn't really think they were going to kill each other! When the convict lived below me he and his woman would fight at 3 am and I was sure I was going to end up in that situation. It seemed she finally kicked him out before she left too, and I thanked God.

CaptainCanuck said...

Aside from the usual berating by Vic, this is mostly unanimous!

I figure I'll leave one more note or talk to him saying that it is Game On with respect to contacting the apt HQ or the cops.

That conversation could be interesting. Esp. I can have a very sarcastic, sharp tongue when truly enraged. And this guy is prone to "drop the gloves" pretty quick, I suspect.

I just wish I lived in an era where vigilante justice was doled out by swimming, biking, and running.