Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Should We Talk About The Weather?

Sunday it was 75+ F (approx 23 C).

Tuesday we got 8-10 inches of snow (20+ cms) in a few hours. Quite a drop. No wind, just a steady, heavy snowfall.

The car, Rowdy, got along fine (after the late switch, my tires are probably better than yours), though its low clearance is a bit of an issue in times like this.

Interestingly, I have a small, collapse-able shovel from a "winter kit" as a Christmas gift (from my Aunt Joyce, I think?). I stow it in the hatch of the car. By Canadian standards, the thing is a prize from a box of Crackerjacks. And yet today I was a mountain man. Poor waifs at work were trying to shovel snow with their icescrapers. Enter Captain Canuck! Our hero was not only equipped for survival but also had the cardiovascular system to move snow fast.

Seriously, I was greeted as a liberator.


Binky said...

RE: "Captain Canuck enjoys HBOs Rome series"

Are you watching Season One or Two of Rome?

Isn't it amazing? Im on the list for Season Two at the Library. Sesason One rocked!

Like in Star Wars Imperial Officers should all have English Accents!


CaptainCanuck said...

hey Binky!

I've just finished Disc 1 of Season 1 (i.e. 2 episodes). Really enjoyed it... Glad to know that you are into it (not surprising!)

It joins The Office as being truly awesome and worthy of NetFlix rental.

Kudos to Vic for suggesting both shows and kudos to BryGuy for pushing The Office on me.