Thursday, November 15, 2007

Remote Control on MTV

We didn't get MTV back home in Canada. Many of us didn't have anything (if we didn't have cable TV) but even if we did, we had MuchMusic, pioneered by the legendary Moses Znaimer.

I just found out that MTV had a show in the 1980s called Remote Control. Apparently a common segment was called "Dead or Canadian", in which contestants had to guess the status of someone based on their name.

That's pretty funny.... I looked on YouTube but no luck


ps. Moses Znaimer created CityTV which is essentially a Toronto-based TV network. He pioneered the now-commonplace setting for news in which the "backstage" is fully displayed as the foreground.

pps. Much like MTV, MuchMusic was awesome in the 1980s and now pretty much sucks. Although I haven't seen it in over a decade.


Chairman Mom said...

Oh, but the BEST Remote Control category was: "Live, Dead, or Indian Food." That was priceless.

K. said...

Yeah!! Those of use outside CCC home area were beginning to wonder what had happened to our favorite Canadian.