Saturday, November 24, 2007

Public Service Annoucement for YouTube

YouTube really offers the best and worst that people can come up with.

The Worst

There's a phenomenon on YouTube where people record others 'reacting' to videos being played on a laptop etc. Often the videos are way too much for YouTube but easily found on the web.

You might be curious but believe me, you will react negatively. They are usually shock videos. One colleague unknowingly did a Google search, viewed a site, and said he was nearly sick.

The Best

The following vids make me very grateful that I completed my education before YouTube, because if I had YT in high school, that would have been bad.

e.g. Here are 4 great guitar vids:
  • A fun spoof of Van Halen. (click here) Note the applause and the Black Sabbath /Iron Man reference circa 0:55.
  • Here is a kid in Brazil. (click here). He goes into crazy pyrotechnics but I just love the backing groove in the first 20 seconds.
  • The legendary Eric Johnson circa 1986 (click here). This guy is an angel from heaven. This tune, Cliffs of Dover, is a masterpiece (it starts in earnest circa 2:13). Possibly my favourite instrumental on guitar.
  • I have to atone for the VH spoof with Eruption from 1995 (click here). This tune is probably the best known 2 minutes in all of guitar history. The part from 0:50 to 1:02 is just gorgeous (and not in the original on the CD).

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