Saturday, November 24, 2007

Leftover Turkey and Philosophy

T-day eve was wonderful at Fred & Hegemom's, and the food was awesome! I haven't had turkey in forever, and both it and all the fixings were fantastic. Like a Dickens novel, I pocketed food while they weren't looking. (This on top of the big takehome package.)

4 allstar desserts included a grape pie, and a chocolate cake made from a recipe that goes back 65+ years in Fred's family. Among the ingredients: old-fashioned soured milk; and boiled icing (not unlike fudge) that is notoriously tricky to prepare.

Throughout the evening, Hegemom offered this world-view, which is hard to beat:

House policy is that if anyone is too warm/cold, not comfy, or not full, then
action will be taken.

Delightful..... A call to arms!

Their 4-year-old daughter, Olivia, stole the show as always. She just smiles and she steals the show. But I enjoyed this: she asked Papa if she could blow out a candle. Fred cradled the flame somewhat with his palm about 2 inches back. After several meager, failed attempts, Livi said "your hand is too close... I don't want your hand to catch fire". Fred, unknowingly channeling Bill Cosby, says deadpan, "why thank you, that's very thoughtful of you" in such a way that still has me laughing.


K. said...

Someone else knows how to make grape pie?!? How have I not met them? We grape-pie makers must stick together to teach the world about baked grape yumminess.

I'm guessing I also have the same chocolate pie recipe - are you sure you weren't at my house? I always found boiled icing to be one of the easier things to make. Of course, I suck at making fudge, so maybe I'm just weird. Ok, I am weird. :)

CaptainCanuck said...

re: K. I can do an email introduction (just not during the day, see other posts ;-)

No, the other bakers do not include KK