Sunday, October 28, 2007

Social Scene in St Louie

hey, local readers! Be sure to check out these upcoming events:

  • The St Louis International Film Festival will soon be upon us! Mid-November. Check out all the action at this site.
  • The symphony is offering Mozart's 41st symphony (aka The Jupiter) in December. Though my alltime favourite is the miraculous 40th, The Jupiter is stellar... or planetary. I can never remember. Factoid: the 4th movement takes a simple theme and plays it against itself (in fugato). Mozart had been studying the dusty works of an esoteric, relatively unknown composer named J.S. Bach. Bach had died decades earlier and would not receive his resurgence in popularity until long after Mozart.

1 comment:

Chairman Mom said...

So...will you be in a fugue state? hahahahah

Seriously, wish I could go to the Symphony, too. Sounds like an awesome time. I haven't been back since I saw Perlman years ago, P.F.