Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jim G update

More people have contacted CC HQ about Jim G than about yours truly! (Thank you Vic for keeping the faith)

Here's your report, you ingrates!

Jim G is alive and well. The Chicago marathon of '07 was the hottest on record, and eventually shut down. One guy died and many were hospitalized. Jim G was at mile 18 or so (at a glacial, but wise, pace) when they shut down his part of the race.

Afterwards, exhausted, he was ill and received an IV from a zealous nurse. He was ill again and stayed the night.

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JLC said...

DOH! ahhh - so sorry! I spaced! I can only attribute it to the mass amounts of news coverage of the CHI Marathon. So....ARE YOU OKAY??? No ER visits this time???? It was pretty hot Sunday!