Monday, July 30, 2007

Old Home Week

Here are some miscellaneous factoids about home:
  • Old Home Week is a festival in August on PEI. There is a parade, concerts, and a major horse race (harness racing) called the Gold Cup and Saucer.
  • Miss C's fam (and BryGuy's soon-to-be fam) have sent a missive from their vacation on The Island. They are having a fun time but find the water at the beach to be pretty nippy. Like me, they find the temps to be a bit chilly (probably 70s) whereas the locals are suffering. LOL
  • I have it from a reputable source that my cousin Richard has a new ride that is very cool indeed. And yet there are no photos to substantiate this claim! Help!
  • Both Nickelback and Aerosmith played The Island this summer. That's just crazy and is a testament to the tourism planning board. Especially Aerosmith. The population of The entire Island is 140,000. I doubt if they could cram more than 15,000 at the venue, even if it was outside. That is so much better than when I was there.


Anonymous said...

Lloyd advised me Saturday that Richard has a boxer and the the "Official count " for Areosmith is 35,000. Traffic leaving the Island at the Bridge was backed up to Tryon (about 5 Km)

Colleen said...

For your information, the weather has been gorgeous and in the 85F range for a week, and it hit 90F one day, and is supposed to again today. Global warming remember?