Saturday, July 07, 2007

Not So Glamorous (A Day in the Life #14)

On Wednesday, July 4th, 11 am, the heat rises in a steamy shimmy above the lake. The mercury approaches 100 F. The humidity is relentless.

Our hero and Blackbird are on the Proving Grounds, cranking out lap after lap. He eases past roller-bladers, bicyclists, walkers, children, dogs.

At mile 28 of 35, there are no heroes, no velocitizers, no arch-rivals. Just heat and sweat.

He looks around, feeling lonesome. "This kinda sucks", he muses aloud.

He wipes his brow and peddles on.


K. said...

Your dedication is truly inspiring. I'm such a wuss I don't even want to clean my house because I don't have air conditioning right now. I sit around and whine to myself that it's too hot!

CaptainCanuck said...

Thanks, K!

This post wasn't so much about dedication though as boredom and loneliness: 2 aspects that are typically absent from my training.

I'm concerned that as I venture into the long distances, that I may not enjoy this. Or, to wit, I may not enjoy "not enjoying" this.

That's just it: I normally enjoy "not enjoying" the workouts but this time was surreal.