Monday, July 11, 2011

Mid-July Visit

With barely a day in between, another dear, inner-circle friend came to visit from the USA. This was a longer trip. Though again, it may not read well, this will serve as a diary. The past 8-9 days have been a whirlwind tour of PEI that left no stone unturned.

The weather was pretty much perfect, with the key exception of a music festival, when we needed it most. It seems as though Mother Nature cut a deal with me: great weather for 90% of my guests' stay, except for a key afternoon/evening, which was one for the ages (see below).

Day 1
  • brunch at Cora's (one of the few overlaps)
  • visit to Anne of Green Gables, including a ponderous drive through Cavendish, whereupon we discovered a lovely Gelato stand
  • beach tour at Cavendish beach (where I nearly broke a toe)
  • harness racing at Red Shores (aka the CDP), with buffet
Day 2
  • deep-sea fishing in North Rustico (with family). Gorgeous weather. Crazy birds (another post).
  • lobster dinner at Water Prince Corner Shop
  • Cows ice cream (of course)
Day 3
  • Tim Horton's
  • stop at the Cheese Lady in Winsloe
  • visit at my parents (with happy run-in with my sister)
  • MerchantMan Pub for lunch
  • a 6-hour, soaking-wet adventure at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. This will be another post, one day.
Day 4
  • Rufus and Rory's for breakfast
  • Harbour Hippo with immediate family (gorgeous day)
  • Poffertjes, a Dutch treat on Victoria Row
  • dinner at Peakes Quay with my sister and bro-in-law
Day 5
  • guest went horseback riding near Morell
  • lunch at Fishbones, then shopping
  • Cows ice cream (again!)
  • dinner at Claddagh House (my guest's first oysters)
  • Cows ice cream (is this possible?)

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