Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Local News and Petitioners

I have been considering a new online persona via a new blog for some time. The new venture would be personal, local, and probably political. Not necessarily in a partisan sense, but in a "common sense" fashion.

There is no blog yet (I'm waiting on a name) but a recent turn of events in local news might be a catalyst to get me started. However, one has to be careful as my province is like the Deep South: it is best to keep your mouth/pixels shut when it comes to politics.

For now, here's the scoop: 200 doctors signed a petition to the premier about climate change. That strikes me as being absurdly outside their expertise, but let's set that aside for now.

I'm curious if they will weigh in on (a) an 1880s-style sewage problem in the capital city or especially (b) serious fish kills in local rivers (possibly due to pesticide run-off).

I don't expect the physicians to have answers (these are thorny problems), nor do I endorse their wading into political waters. But the more I think about the hypocrisy of their silence on these issues, the more it drives me crazy.


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