Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pro-Tip: Hire Professionals

After a long, frustrating search, I found a cross-border accountant this tax season (in Washington state). Within 3 minutes of our initial phone call, I could tell she was bright and professional.

And how. Several weeks after uploading a zillion scanned docs to her website, I received a giant FedEx package with multiple returns. 1 for Canada and 3 for the US.

The presentation was simply beautiful: each return was fixed to an envelope and with instructions. The instructions were essentially: (a) mail by the given date and (b) find the big green stickies that say "Sign and Date here" and, well, sign-and-date there, stoopid!

A chimpanzee could have followed the directions and that is exactly how I want to be treated. Seriously. I share a deep connection with the spirit here, because that's how I think software should be written: a chimp should be able to use it. I say that often a work, but I don't mean to denigrate the user, because sometimes I am the chimp.

This is one of those cases. This was an expensive service but it was absolutely worth it. I could not be happier. My only hope is that Canada Post delivers the returns correctly, as I am due for some refunds (bonus!).


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