Monday, October 18, 2010

Saint Louis

I'm back from a great trip. This was up there with Paris and Hawaii as one of the alltime greats. This is a bit surprising, as I'm so familiar with Saint Louis, but my friends and colleagues, the energy, and the weather really won me over.

It was 70 F = 22 C and sunny for the entire trip. I wore only sandals (quite a gamble).

Though I couldn't see everyone, I caught up with a few disparate groups (including my old client site, the microbiology folks, and the Dinner Club gang). Every lunch and dinner was an event. In a way, it was a lot like my Christmas vacations of yore.

A major bonus was a partial stay with BryGuy and zee Librarian. Great to see them and everyone else!

As the week went on, I shifted into conference mode, a major reason for the trip. It was terrific. The energy was palpable. I must have chatted with 40 different people from my old employers. Even better, the speakers were great. People are raving about it on Twitter.

For those in Saint Louis, the conference was centered at The Pageant (and some other venues). I've seen Ani Difranco, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson there. I have now seen Guy Steele and Douglas Crockford there too (they are just as huge, within computer science). It was very neat and I'm telling you: StL's stock as a tech center is going way up due to this conference.

It is good to be back! It is a bit chilly here but I'll be happy to get back into my routine.

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