Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Pick

Alrighty, I'm back from the Big Trip and the London thing is off, so it is time to start planning some stuff. Keen readers know that I have some big plans for my return.

I've made my first pick. I saw a recent CBC news item that the PEI Association for Newcomers needed volunteers. They need people to help newcomers (to PEI, and to Canada) discover PEI. Often there are language barriers.

Count me in. I'm not exactly sure why but this flipped the right buttons for sign-up. I like the diversity aspect and also the fact that I have been from away for so long that I need to discover things as well. I meet with them early next week.

Next up: websites. I've whittled one idea down to a true sweetspot, and will start that soon. I need a web domain and a 'brand'. I have some in mind and may run them past readers via email / in person.


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