Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

It is a time of celebration in St Louis: Cinco de Mayo, a crossover pseudo-cultural recognition of a Mexican victory in 1862.

This particular one is gorgeous: 80 F and sunny, even at 7 pm.

You might ask if I am celebrating. Dinner? Drinks? Perhaps a long run?


I am consumed by The Talk and The (career) Exploration. I have been to Kinko's for 4 straight nights to photocopy documents and/or proofread presentation slides. I haven't been to the gym in about 3 weeks. Soon, I will return to work to make up time this evening. I am constantly on the phone at lunch, and tomorrow AM, I am taking the morning off to consult with cross-border accountants.

It is pretty busy. I have virtually withdrawn from social circles in St Louis (sorry about that). I am usually sleeping well and not really keyed up, but things are intense, and I haven't even made any decisions on The Exploration.

My main solace are some guilty-pleasure TV and, wonderfully, a strong routine on the piano.

I hope all is well you, dear readers. Have a margarita for me!



CaptainCanuck said...

ps. I have made decisions, by way of declining opportunities. I have declined at least 3 in various places.

pps. No NHL for me :-( I'm following scores online but I don't get the Versus channel, which carries most games in the US. This is painful.

Just me said...

Sometimes when one is making big decisions and has lots going on the best thing to do is withdraw from some activities and look further inside ourselves. The strength required to make the decisions is internal. The right opportunity will come along and when it does your friends will be there with open arms to help you celebrate.