Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Stuff ! (and some Not-Yet Free Stuff)

I'm moving soon and have been jamming since Saturday.

It has been intense and occasionally emotional: everyone knows that people purge when moving but when you are single, you may very well touch every single item that you own. That's crazy.

I have some free stuff if anyone wants it. I'm not naming names but I will stare at Eric B.
  • Some strong bathroom cleaners such as Tilex, Bleach, etc.
  • I have a couple of bottles of anti-freeze for the car. I have no idea where to get rid of it.
  • I have some potentially old bottles of hooch: vodka from 2004 and Jagermeister from 2003-4. Yikes. The good news is that there are no insects in that cupboard.
  • I have rusty deck chairs that might be salvaged with some paint. Also a table with the glass top blown out. My deck looks pretty rough. I don't think I'm up for a beautification award.
I have already posted this to Craig's List but, here is some Not-Yet Free Stuff:
  • I am selling my iconic BBQ Grill. It is in rough shape and needs the hoses checked. $50 including 2 half-full propane tanks (that's value right there)
  • I have some laptop bags for sale. They are good stuff.
  • It is unclear why this is true, but I have many Maxim and Stuff magazines from 1999-2000. Potentially a real collector's item. These are the early editions where the writing was brilliant and hadn't dipped completely into sophomoric mediocrity.
  • I also have a broken hammock frame. The wood is shot but the metal joints are prime. Plus I still have the hammock -- it has stayed inside. The latter is quality stuff. Contact me for EZ pricing.
That's it from Moving HQ.



Eric Berger said...

Eric B. will stare back, blink twice, shrug and walk away empty handed.

But thanks for the thought. :)

CaptainCanuck said...

Empty-handed!? Free cleaning supplies! Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle... it's good for the environment ;-)