Sunday, April 05, 2009


Long-time readers will know that bought a new stereo for the car, Rowdy, some months back. It isn't super-fancy but it is modern: it plays MP3's, has a connection for an iPod, etc.

It has been fantastic, for several reasons:
  • I rotate two RW CDs. Burning new podcasts on disc gives me the same thrill as buying a new CD. I'm not especially materialistic but that feeling is pretty neat (considering it is free) in this economy.
  • I can't stand listening to the radio anymore. If I have new stuff to listen to, I'm happy to drive anywhere. Otherwise, I feel like I am wasting time.
  • The connection to Canada is fantastic. I am listening to all kinds of news and entertainment stuff, mostly from the CBC. I recently listened to the woes of Newfoundland (celebrating a tumultuous 60 years in Confederation) and a tribute with the legendary Gordon Lightfoot.
  • I listen to a lot of geek podcasts. Free-training during my commute!
The upshot: podcasts rock. If you don't have any in your life, there are many ways to open yourself up to them. An iPod isn't strictly necessary!


K. said...

Dan loves podcasts - This American Life is his favorite. He plays them while making dinner or chilling out.

Glad to hear all is going well!

Anonymous said...

Podcasts have become kind of like a third form of broadcasting. Amazing stuff!

Vic said...

Wow, mike you have caught up the year 2000. No one actually burns anything more when you can get a 16 gig USB stick for 50 bucks.
So your telling us, that you have a new stero and it's doesn't take an IPOD or USB?. I suppose your DVD player doesn't play DIVX either....
You work with computer or something like that eh? Is it pascal or cobol you are using....

CaptainCanuck said...

re: American Life. Yep, it is very popular though I must say I have never heard it....

re: welcome to 2000.

LOL... I bought a VCR in 1999 and my friends in StL welcomed me to the 1980s.

My stereo does have an adapter to an iPod but I don't have one. I have an iShuffle but the jack is different.

Generally, I don't have a lot of places where I can wear headphones. Plus burning RWs CDs isn't too bad on the wallet or environment (I hope). I have been shifting 2 CDs for months