Friday, April 24, 2009

Golfing on PEI

BryGuy sent this my way... A reality show on the Golfing Channel, set on PEI (click here)!!!

The sport of golf on PEI is no surprise: about 15 years ago, a US magazine rated an Island course at 5 stars. Quick to look for income, there was an explosion of courses all over the Island (with some concern for the environmental impact).

However, I didn't know that there was a TV show! This will be a great boon to the tourism industry. If you watch it, you will probably be tempted to write me and ask: why would you ever leave? Before you do that, I invite you to check out the photos over on Pedaling PEI to get a more accurate assessment of the Island.

(There is no denying that the summer is perfect, though).


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CaptainCanuck said...

I'll spare Vic the trouble and inconvenience of spelling by stating, on his behalf, that this is more proof that I should "just stop being an idiot" and "come the hell home where you belong" before "you get hurt down there in the States" like the "jackass you know you are".


that's pretty funny