Friday, January 02, 2009

Hello 2009

A quick post.... I have been back in StL but super-busy with work and various social stuff.

The trip home was great, if somewhat chaotic. I saw most everyone with a few exceptions, which are regrettable and entirely my fault.

The travel was pretty wild, and yet it could have been much worse. e.g. The Maritimes is currently being hammered with a wicked storm. If I had been there circa Dec 31, I would still be there, I imagine.

Many readers have asked for a review of 2008 and for predictions on 2009. After all, this blog serves as a moral compass for many. The crown rests uneasily here, as I haven't had time to consolidate a lot of my award-winning thoughts. More to come?

There have been many joys and sorrows among my friends lately. One piece of sad news is over at Geography. I invite you to read and send along a prayer and positive energy.

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