Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My sister read over 300 books in 2008. That's wicked, and a major bonus for family members: she works for a bookstore (i.e. discounts) and thus gives books that generally kick ass. I started one recently and can't put it down, despite having a ton of stuff to do. Merci pour rien!

The best part is that she doesn't buy many books: she is a library patron of the highest order. At the risk of making PEI look like a one-moose town, Vic's daughter works at the city library and knows both my Mom and my sister by reputation (it is unclear if they have met).

It would be a lie for me to say I'm a true bookworm. But both on PEI and here in St Louis, my bookies are the best, and my kind of people.


Colleen said...

And what book would you be reading?

CaptainCanuck said...

Readers, the book is "No Time for Goodbye" by linwood barclay. Really good bubble-gum thriller.

Vic points out that my sister and his wife share the same name; a name that is fairly rare on the Island these days.