Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thank you C-Span

Wow, will wonders never cease: I am in StL watching a live feed of election night coverage from CBC on C-Span, a gov't channel down here in the US. I just happened across it while surfing....

This is so fantastic! I have only barely heard the voice of the big players (Harper, Dion, etc) in the media. Stephane Dion is speaking now -- I'm not sure I have ever heard his voice before.

(I have read a lot about these people and the policies).


Colleen said...

Rejoice! Stephen Harper did not win a majority. The Alberta Redneck does not deserve to unconstrained power - we would be in deep trouble. Did you understand anything Dion said? Most people claim not to understand any of his English.

CaptainCanuck said...

In fairness, one potential downside is that Canada has a minority gov't for the 3rd election in a row, which might deter foreign investment (?) and will no doubt cause another election in 1-2 years.

re: Dion. I think so... I taped it but heard mostly French from both him and Harper. I mean, we had Chretien for years -- is SD worse than him?

Btw, some other factoids: this election had a very low turnout and many people seem unhappy about it. In brief, sitting PM Stephen Harper had promised that he wouldn't call an election (with legislation to boot?) but then found 'a loophole', presumably when the polls favoured him. However, like in the US, everyone was broad-sided by the economic scene.